As a domestic one-stop all-round carbon neutral service solver, CarbonLibra platform provides all-round carbon footprint tracking, carbon emission accounting and carbon quota monitoring for governments and customer companies. Furthermore, our expert team could do access for carbon footprint and LCA evaluation.For the China Certified Emission Reduction (CCER) projects, Carbonlibra connects trading centers in Hubei, Shanghai and other cities closely. It is an audited and traceable platform providing fair and just trading services to users.

To respond to the national call of carbon neutrality in 2060, companies need to negotiate with the interested parties frequently, obey the laws, improve self-management system and business policy, and set emission reduction targets for sustainable development strategy.

The company cooperates with 9 academicians and expert professors from China, the US and Europe to research on intelligent water affair, natural resource carbon sinks, green building engineering and artificial intelligence. Under the simulation of national environmental energy policy and market audit standards and data, artificial intelligence technology will be applied to analyzing big data., quantitative accounting standards and verification methods for greenhouse gas emissions formulated scientifically. We can develop corresponding carbon inclusive methodology for each province and city according to local conditions.

To promote the realization of the goal of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", SequoiaLibra will scientifically combine natural capital and finance to help the transformation of national green development strategy.

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