CarbonLibra Platform

By blockchain technology, Sequoia Libra launched a carbon-neutral and artificial intelligence platform called “CarbonLibra”, which was made by integration of big data, cloud computing and other means, following the guidance on Accelerating the Promotion of Blockchain Technology Applications and Industrial Development, which issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


The platform fully meets China’s current needs of carbon neutrality policy and technologies. It is a comprehensive distributed integrated platform integrating technical consulting, carbon footprint tracking, carbon emission accounting, carbon asset management and carbon sink trading.

Make carbon management and carbon trading more transparent, fair, accurate and fast.

Blockchain is a shared database, in which the stored data and information has the characteristics of “unforgeable”, “full trace”, “traceable”, “open and transparent”, and “collective maintenance”. Based on the above, the blockchain technology has laid a solid foundation of “trust” and formed a raliable“cooperation”, which has a broad application prospect. Because of the service management platform integrated by blockchain and carbon-neutral  , SequoiaLibra pursues carbon peak of the long-term enterprise development scheme, carbon neutral management development from the strategic framework, practice path and income approach.

One-stop all-round carbon neutral service solver

CarbonLibra is constructed by blockchain, cloud computing and cloud service deployment, using Internet of Things technology to gather big data for enterprise carbon management. It also deeply uses the techniques of Artificial intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) to serve for companies reducing carbon emissions and trade carbon, like “Blockchain + Industrial Internet", "Blockchain + Big Data", "Blockchain + Cloud Computing", "Blockchain + Artificial Intelligence", and so on.  Moreover,relative governments could get decision support and consulting services about emission  reduction, carbon trading and higher carbon management from CarbonLibra.

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